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Miss Nails club

At Miss Nails, we would like to reward our loyal customers. That's why we are introducing the Miss Nails club.

There are different benefits depending on which club you are a part of, the Bronze club or the VIP club.

Benefits of the Bronze club:

• For every 5th visit to Miss Nails, you will receive a 10% discount, and for every 10th visit, you will receive a 25% discount.

• Complimentary coffee, tea, and water.
Who is a member of the Bronze club?

Anyone who purchases the following treatments:

• Only paint w/ Gel polish/shellac.
• Removal old Shellac and Paint with Gel Polish/Shellac
• Classic manicure without polish
• Classic pedicure without polish
• Only Removal of Gel polish/shellac

*You are also part of the Bronze club if you are  only visit us occasionally.
Benefits of the VIP club:

• Exclusive early access to the booking calendar
• 5% discount for every 5th visit
• Free gel polish/shellac manicure or pedicure for ever
y 10th visit
• VIP-exclu
sive campaigns
• Surprise Christmas gift
• Exclusive access to new services and nail trends
• Guarantee for the nail treatment completed within 72 hours
• Coffee, tea, water, juice, and snacks
Who is a member of the Miss Nails VIP club?

Anyone who purchases the following treatments and supports Miss Nails every single month throughout the year:

• Gel polish/shellac manicure with vitamin base
• Manicure with trendy nails
• Nail reinforcement with manicure
• Gel overlay on natural nails
• Nail extensions
• Mani-pedi packages
• Pedicure with foot bath and gel polish/shellac

**Please note that from May onwards, our previous loyalty card is invalid. If you have a Miss Nails loyalty card but haven't visited us in 2023, the card is automatically invalid. If you have a Miss Nails loyalty card that has been used in 2023, you now have the opportunity to transfer your points from the current year to our new club benefits.

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