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  • What is Gel Polish/Shellac Manicure?
    Is a type of long-lasting and durable nail treatment that includes applying gel Polish to the natural nails, which is cured under a UV or LED lamp.
  • What is a Vitamin base?
    A vitamin base is a type of nail treatment that we applying before the Gel Polish/Shellac tô enriched your natural nails with vitamins and minerals to help promote stronger and healthier nail growth.
  • How can I treat brittle nails?
    Treatment for brittle nails depends on the underlying cause. Some tips include: _ Applying a nail hardener or Strengthener nail treatment with vitamins. _Keeping your nails trimmed and smooth. _ Moisturise your hands and nails. _Taking biotin supplements.
  • Why my gel polish doesn't stick to my nail plate?
    01. Oily nails: If your nails are naturally oily; 02. Improper nail preparation: If the nail plate isn’t properly prepared before applying the gel polish, it can cause adhesion issues. Make sure to trim the cuticle correctly, clean the nail bed thoroughly with cleanser and buff the surface of the nails gently to create a rough surface that the gel polish can adhere to.
  • When gel overlay on natural nails is recommended to?
    01 Gel overlay on natural nails is a cosmetic technique used to enhance the appearance and durability of nails. It involves applying a thin layer of gel over the natural nail, which is then cured with UV or LED light. Gel overlay can be recommended in several situations, including: Nail strengthening: If you have weak or brittle nails that tend to break easily, a gel overlay can help to strengthen them. The gel provides an extra layer of protection that can help prevent breakage and chipping. 02 Nail protection: If you work with your hands a lot, such as in manual labor, washing dishes, or cleaning, a gel overlay can help protect your nails from damage. The hard gel creates a barrier between your nails and the environment, reducing the risk of chips, cracks, and breaks. 03 The Gel overlay on natural nails can be recommended if you want to enhance the appearance and durability of your nails, protect them from damage, or promote nail growth. However, it is important to note that gel overlay requires proper application and maintenance to prevent damage to the natural nail.
  • How many times should I get my gel polish/shellac manicure done?
    Most of the clients their Gel polish/Shellac manicure lasts for about two to three weeks before needing a touch-up. Depends how fast your nails grow and also how you care about your nails and your personal preference, and the condition of your nails can affect how often you should get your gel polish manicure done. It's important to consider your own needs and preferences.
  • Why is important to get a manicure?
    Getting a manicure is important for a number of reasons, both practical and aesthetic. 01. Promotes healthy nails: A professional manicure typically includes nail trimming, shaping, and cuticle care, which can help keep your nails healthy and prevent them from becoming brittle. 02. Improves the appearance of your nails: A well-done manicure can make your nails look neat, tidy, and attractive.
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  • I have diabetes. Can I get a pedicure now?
    For a patient with diabetes, we advise to get the pedicure done with a Podiatrist (Fodterapeut).
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  • Is it safe to get a pedicure during pregnancy?
    Yes, pedicure does not interfere with your health, pregnant women feeling more relaxing after get the pedicure done, as the belly and body is to heavy and so the feet suffer a lot for carrie all this weight. The tools are sterilised and we used organic products, so this treatment is completely safe to you and your baby.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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